i went to a LARPING session today with my boyfriend John since that’s his larping group and invited me to go watch (hahfboyfriendwowthat’sweirdhahahaha) but anyway, 

it was so COOOOOOL. i was there from noon-5?? their sessions are usually from noon-4 but it ran a bit long today yeah

they were all really cool people and some of the weapons were HUGE and holy wow. and John said he might make me a sword?? maybe two so i can double wield aw ye.

i’m considering joining the group in a few months, once i know the rules properly and everything. 

it’s so cooooool. just. wow. and i made a few new friends too! 

me, John, this girl named Mari, and her friend Sir (i think that’s how it’s spelled? i mean that’s how it’s pronounced but idk it’s cool either way) we went out to eat after wards and stayed at the place for TWO hours and wow it was cool we were talking about kingdom hearts and movies and music and just wow. they are so cool . 

it was so freaking great, i really hope to go back next week because wow, it was so cool.